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Our story

Most of us like positive stories, and we also want to share the individual stories of our compositions here. We are not professionals, we are composers who like music, and at the same time, we want to improve our art.

As part of our programs, online conferences and other events, it is necessary to complete the overall atmosphere with the help of graceful music. We share most of our conferences live via YouTube, and it is impossible to use any unauthorized song on this channel because, at least, the sound would be muted, and it would take quite a long time to fix it during the live broadcast.

That is why we agreed to use our creations in our presentation. It started innocently enough when I re-opened a few recorded tracks within my Yamaha Music database. 

In the past, I was inspired by several visits to prominent high-rise hotels worldwide, especially in Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Dallas, and New York, where the journey to the 60th - 100th floor often takes minutes and always sounds the same song. Many times, even after a year of returning, I felt right at home there. That is why our so-called "Elevators" were created—instrumental tracks for a few minutes.

When I started my green deal trail two years ago and hung the car keys on an imaginary nail, and started to use the train in the direction from Kladno to Prague, I realized that during the one-hour journey, you could compose just one song or the basis of them for 3 minutes. And so I started composing. Always under pressure, I have to perform within an hour and be able to leave a train. 

That's how the first compositions were created. Yes, after that, I had to start arranging other parts of the symphonic voices, and in the finale, he had to take it under the hands of Ondra, and he had to run all those orchestral voices through his fingers on his mixing machine desk in our studio. And that's how all the songs we want to share with you were gradually created.

If you like any of them, please send us feedback. At the same time, during all our travels, we are ready to compose any song you wish to use for your activities, marketing videos, sketches, or simply for your listening or to take the time and record the whole thing from the beginning in our studio.

We are open to all collaborations because we enjoy doing new things that don't hurt.

You will always find that unique story in the following songs. 


The first real one - lift up from Spindleruv Mlyn 2021

This composition was created between two and four in the morning on the day before the cardforum conference in Špindl. Then the following morning we had the opportunity to rehearse the recording "Life on Mars" by David Bowie so that in the afternoon when the rain stops and the drone with the camera can fly, we will record the main clip of the evening.


Katka had about 7 minutes left before a conference call with her customers (this was when she was still working with IT customers). I took advantage of the situation that we had all the equipment ready for recording and asked her to play my new song. She gave it the first time. It was recorded, and we left it as it was, and we don't even want to change anything about it in the future.  


Here is the original recording with the original accompaniment:

LIFT UP 2021Mirek Pekárek / Kateřina Janečková
00:00 / 01:58

Life on the planet PaMaGar

Here is a live recording, with the song Live on Mars at the beginning, which we digitally edited for our clip and was recorded live in Spindle at Cardfor 2021. 

In 6 months, we were thinking about what to do next. Katka had much work to do, but in the end, she came on stage to support me live for one of our presentations, which we decided to do as a theatre performance.  Although she had an injured knee, she could give it all live without any preparation .


Just a professional that is quite difficult to find. All in good faith. Incredibly. ..... 

Other songs from our shows and performances are in a reverse chronological timeline.  

Instrumental songs from cardsession 2022 performance.

Flying to Freedom

It was mainly a composition for the initial entrance to the podium. I wanted to express the drama of the time in October 2022, when even the sound of a jet engine flying over was supposed to symbolize the incredible war in Ukraine. So lightly and non-violently, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that during our relative calm, so about 1,000 km from us, Russian missiles are still flying over the civilian population of Ukraine.

Flying to freedomMiroslav Pekárek - MyPi
00:00 / 03:01

Play on Masarycka

This is a composition of my composed track sometime around 2006. When we were preparing the concept of this year's performance at cardsession 22, we set ourselves the goal of no longer focusing directly on David Bowie's compositions. And once, around the end of August 22, when I was returning home from Masaryčka at night after a business meeting with the FinTech association, I sit down in front of the public piano at Masaryk station and played this old song for me. And so, I thought it could be the central song at the presentation. So I added a few more voices to create a more instrumental mode.  

Play on MasaryčkaMiroslav Pekárek - MyPi
00:00 / 02:11


This was a song I put together really quickly; it was about two days before the show, and I thought I'd like to have a light, sweet song that just exudes a positive manner, precisely what can become the central image of the upcoming ONE NATION project.

THE SUNMiroslav Pekárek - MyPi
00:00 / 03:05

Here you have it with an original graphic composition. 

The Apollo 2022

Originally, we wanted to dedicate ourselves to honouring the memory of David Bowie as part of the cardforum 2022 conference. Still, in the end, we decided to create a completely new opening song, which was primarily intended to serve as the background of the video and, above all and for the light show. We had the opportunity to create within a very short preparation in the limited space of the congress hall at the SEČ conference room.


If we were just sharing only the sound, it wouldn't seem clear why it was all composed the way it was. The composition began sometime in December between Christmas and New Year's 22 and continued just after the attacks in Ukraine began. The preparation culminated a few days before the conference itself. That is why you can feel a lot of negative moods from it, which were not changed even by the heartbreaking words of Louis Armstrong during the first steps on the moon. 

Life on MARS

David Bowie is a hero to us. That's why we decided to follow up on his amazing work several times and borrowed this song for a video that demonstrated our flight to the imaginary planet PaMaGar. We filmed it on 4K cameras live during the operation of the Harmony hotel in Špindl. We also used drone filming for the first time with everything. A total of 8 people participated in this event for 3 minutes clips.  The team was great. The main sax solo was given to Kateřina, who did an incredible job. In the end, the entire filming took only about 60 minutes, and the 4th try was successful, and in the end, we used it in its entirety without post-production. Here is the result:

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