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The time of Coronavir brought us a few positive things. In addition to the basic ones, associated with people's solidarity, awareness of fear for their loved ones and their health, it also helped to increase the overall ambition to use online technologies across all human activities.


Online shopping is a routine for almost all of us. Almost everyone who has the opportunity could try working from home at this time.


Given the situation over the past 8 months, we are aware that it is still possible to improve the use of online communication technologies especially now that our republic is going through probably the most difficult test in our modern history.


With several experts, we have created a studio called Studio 3, which helps us to organize video conferences and webinars for our business partners, who are happy to use our moderating experience.


You do not have to leave the room of your office or home office, and we will connect you with your business friends or customers. As part of our broadcasts, we are able to add other elements for obtaining online feedback from conference participants, including voting on various topics.


We use professional technology tested at events supported by audio-video-visual technical universities of the Czech Technical University in Prague.


We transfer the experience of large shootings to the daily activities associated with regular video conferences.


Even at this time, we maintain the highest safety measures to protect the health of our employees.


Today, after spending more than 8 months with the Covid-19 at home in the home office, it is more than obvious that despite initial positive enthusiasm with the use of new communication tools, there is a need to find a good balance between time and intensity spent in front of a computer screen. And the quality and effectiveness of this innovative activity for some of us.


In addition to the content itself and its moderation, we also focus on improving the quality of audio and video transmission.


It turns out that after several hours of mutual video conferencing, fatigue begins, which affects the general quality of work.


One of the important factors of the onset of fatigue is, above all, the quality of the words transmitted.




The second component of fatigue is the frequent errors in organizing and the impossibility of moderation during mutual discussion, when there is no general culture of passing the word to each other.


Studio 3 uses several connecting video techniques that can be interlaced and combined during the conference. At the same time, it is possible to record the entire conference on a physical storage medium or directly combine it with broadcasting on social networks YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, including possible so-called post-production.


At the same time, we are ready to use transmission techniques that will allow us to combine physical and online presence at conferences anywhere in the European Union.



Our team

People with spirit


Miroslav   &   Ondřej

in collaboration with a great team
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