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online stream will start June 6, 2023

Even after Covid, you can still do beautiful online events

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The time of Coronavir brought us a few positive things. In addition to the basic ones, associated with people's solidarity, awareness of fear for their loved ones and their health, it also helped increase the overall ambition to use online technologies across all human activities.


Online shopping is a routine for almost all of us. Almost everyone who has the opportunity could try working from home at this time.


Given the situation over the past 10 months, we are aware that it is still possible to improve online communication technologies. Especially now that our republic is going through probably the most challenging test in our modern history.


With several experts, we have created a studio called Studio 3, which helps us organize video conferences and webinars for our business partners, who are happy to use our moderating experience.


A short introduction of Virtual Studio3 can be found here: , or at

Základní popis Studio3 v češtině

The basic document about Studio3 in English

Coming Soon

++  what you may not have seen ++
Recording of an interview with Jiří Anderle in the MODERNA GALLERY recorded on 30/11/2021

If you are interested in learning more about Studio3 service, please contact us at

or please leave a contact using this embedded form.

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